Where to Buy PVC Printed Colour Banners

When it comes to outdoor banners, PVC printed banners are the typical choice for most consumers. They are often the most professional in appearance and are one of the highest quality outdoor banners available on the market. They also have the benefit of being highly versatile depending on the intended use of the banner, meaning that you can print pretty much any message onto their surface with little to no problem!

PVC is actually a form of heavy weighted vinyl, this means that it can cope with most outdoor weather conditions with relative ease. It is also one of the cheaper material choices when it comes to printed banners, especially as it comes in a range of sizes and orientations. If you know your banner will have to cope with exceptionally bad weather conditions, then it come be worth using a company which offers reinforced PVC banners for added peace of mind.

One of the easiest way of reinforcing your mono or colour banner would be to also purchase a strong frame or mount. Most companies will just supply standard duty banner frames so it is worth shopping around to find someone who can both supply you with your printed banner and the correct frame for purpose. Heavy Duty banner frames usually come with ground pegs to help secure your banner in place, however, if you are planning on displaying your banner on some form of wall mount then there should also be specific heavy duty options made available to you. The heavy duty wall mount brackets consists of a strong steel wall bracket and 60mm diameter aluminium arms. For posts, heavy duty options consist of a post mount bracket that works in a similar way to the standard duty but comes without the easy removable arm and locking pin.

When it comes to PVC printed banners you only typically have the choice between printing your design in black and white (mono) or coloured. However, the quality of printed banners can vary greatly depending on who you go to. If you are intending your banner for outside use, make sure that the company you intend to use either use waterproof ink or add a waterproof finish after printing. The last thing you want is for your deign to become damaged at the first sign of rain, especially in the UK! The same thing can be said for choosing companies which will help protect your printed banner from fading in the sun, check to see if they use some sort of UV protection in their printing process!

Some more advice to keep in mind, do not be pulled in by surprisingly cheap prices when doing your research. You really will get what you pay for. Make sure that your banner is of a high quality and are Fire rated to comply with indoor and outdoor health & safety requirements. On top of this, ensure that your banner is flat seem hemmed as this makes sure the hem does not fill with water which would make your banner droop.