Why Promotional Pens are Essential to your Marketing Campaign

When companies look towards improving their advertising and marketing campaign, there are several options they may pursue. However, there is no other medium of advertising as consistently effective as promotional products and merchandise. Time and time again, promotional products have proved to be a great way to market and brand your company. They prove to be both useful and highly effective at retaining consumers, as they are used over the long-term, instead of a one-time marketing strategy. In this post, we are going to explore the effectiveness of promotional pens, and why you may want to consider integrating them to your marketing/advertising campaign.


There is no denying that advertising through T.V, radio and newspapers are effective ways to market your company. However, studies have shown that despite these forms of advertising being more expensive, their retention rates are comparatively lower than promotional items. It is for this reason, you’d be mad not to include promotional items as part of your marketing campaign, and in particular, promotional pens. As you can imagine, the cost of purchasing pens to have your brand printed onto them is significantly cheaper than purchasing advertising time on T.V or on the radio. Additionally, whilst you may want to utilise promotional items that are relevant to your company, using pens is a cheaper substitute if you are limited in terms of your budget for marketing.

Guaranteed use.

Another reason why you should definitely consider marketing via promotional pens is because they are guaranteed to be used. Unlike many other items that companies may utilise in order to market themselves, promotional pens are useful to essentially everyone and, therefore, you can be guaranteed that they’ll be used. It is important that whatever items you choose to brand yourself with have a high chance of being used frequently, as otherwise you may be wasting your investment. Additionally, the more a consumer uses the promotional item, the more likely they’ll remember your company in the future. Even on a subconscious level, being aware of your company, significantly enhances the probability that they’ll make a purchase.

Shared use.

Perhaps one of the best aspects of promotional pens is that they are likely to be used by others. Consider it almost a form of ‘word of mouth’ style of advertising, when a 3rd party discovers your company through one of your customer’s promotional items. As mentioned previously, pens are used by almost everyone universally and, hence, there is a high chance of people discovering your company or being reminded of your company through their use. Other items such as mugs are also used on a frequent basis, however, people are more likely to take a pen with them when they are going out than a mug.


One of the concerns that companies have when marketing via promotional products is that they consider them intrusive or ‘in the consumer’s face’. Pens eliminate this issue, as they are unobtrusive and as with most promotional items very well received. With this in mind, whenever you decide on creating promotional items, it is very important to ensure that your product’s design is friendly and non-obtrusive. Otherwise, you’ll often find that consumers are turned off from using your company, which will reverse the intended effective of your investment.


With regards to the production process of your promotional items, you need to consider the availability of your chosen product(s), as well as how many you can purchase at any one time. Due to the frequent use of pens for marketing purposes, there are many companies who are willing to create pens with your customised logo or branding. This also allows for you to order the pens in bulk, further reducing the overall costs of your marketing campaign and allowing you to distribute the pens to a greater number of people.

Enhances the overall opinion of your company.

You might not consider this at first, but companies who use pens in order to advertise themselves are generally well received. People usually associate companies who supply promotional pens as being professional or already established in their chosen market, meaning that the overall opinion of your company will be enhanced as a result. Even if your company is just starting out, if you readily supply promotional pens, potential consumers will feel far more comfortable making a purchase from you.

With these points in mind, it should be easy to see why promotional pens are not only a great method of promoting your company and improving your branding, but a cost-effective method of doing so with high retention rates. If you are considering potentially creating your own line of promotional items for your marketing/advertising campaign, then ensure not to overlook the value that promotional pens (and other similar promotional items) hold.

Some final aspects to consider.

Now that you have some insight into why promotional pens are an effective way to go about marketing your company, you should consider some final aspects. For instance, you should be open to consider the numerous other opinions there are in terms of promotional items and ways of distributing them. You can go about this in a whole manner of different ways, but it is recommended that you first find a reasonable supplier of your product, a company who can then brand your products and finally some way to allow customers to obtain your items. You have several options here too. You can either offer them at trade shows, on the counter or via the Internet as many other companies are beginning to do. In any case, whether you decide to market yourself through the use of promotional pens or other items, you’re on the right track towards improving your company’s exposure and, hence, the likelihood of gaining more sales.