Wood at Home

Many people think of wood flooring as an expense that is not worth the hassle– you included, most likely! Both homeowners and landlords tend to favor carpeting as the preferred flooring for residences. It is cheaper, in comparison to wood flooring– if you don’t know where to look for the best discounts. However, few people know that investing in a wood floor can have more than a few benefits.

Carpet, as an alternative to wood, can seem like a nice choice initially but over time loses color and texture as people walk on it. Spills, burns, rips, and even fraying can give carpet a terrible worn-out look in a relatively short amount of time. Lighter-colored carpets, which are the most popular, are also the most prone to staining, and take on an unsightly grey color after a few years. Carpet is also immensely hard to clean, and holds in allergens, germs, and can be a home to insects. Tile is even more of a nightmare– foundation shifts can ruin it, and falls can be much more dangerous. Why not consider the wiser choice?

Wood flooring, on the other hand, keeps it appearance for longer. All wood flooring needs is a buff or waxing and it looks good as new! Wood flooring also has the benefit of being nearly impervious to stains, and does not hold in allergens the way carpet does. One type of finely made, quality wood flooring is LW Mountain flooring. If you are interested in getting wood flooring, learn more about LW Mountain flooring today.