5 Things To Know About Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo floors can be a beautiful addition to the modern home. But what if you’ve never installed anything like them? What do you need to know about their quality, cost and lifespan before making a commitment? Here are just a few bamboo flooring facts.

1: Quality Is the Biggest Determination of Price

Rather than style or even size, the quality of your bamboo floor will reflect its cost. Discount bamboo flooring tends to attract more scratches and scuff marks than its purebred cousin, but it’s also the most cost-effective solution for entire homes or commercial areas. It’s all up to you.

2: They Aren’t Soft

One of the biggest myths about bamboo floors it that they’re somehow soft to the touch. This is completely untrue! Not only are they tightly woven and turned into stiff, sturdy planks, but when they’re polished and layered with protective finishes, they’re harder than almost any other wood on the market. You can blame Hollywood for the prevailing idea that they’re soft and flimsy. No one consulted a flooring company when filming The Karate Kid II.

3: They’re Incredibly Clean

Bamboo floors are lifesavers to people with allergies. They don’t catch dirt and pollen the way that other floors do, and dust mites have nowhere to hide within those tight weaves. They will need to be swept regularly, but on the whole, they simply can’t promote pollutants to the same degree as other flooring options. They aren’t designed that way.

4: Not All Finishes Are Equal

Traditional wood can be polished with just about anything to protect and preserve its grain, but bamboo flooring is only compatible with certain types of finish. The very best is aluminum oxide, though there are a few others on the market as well. Do your research before coating your floor!

5: Going Green Has Never Been Easier

Have you been wondering how you can do your part to save the earth? Bamboo floors are a great start. They’re completely sustainable; they’re free of common household pollutants like formaldehyde; even their resins are natural and organic. They’re also officially recognized by the US Green Building Council as eco-friendly and low-emitting floors!

If you’re considering bamboo floors for your home, these are just five things to keep in mind when making a purchase decision. Installed correctly, they can be gorgeous symbols of style and sophistication. Contact your local bamboo flooring company to get started!