Polyurethane wheels

When it comes to casters, there are many different types and features to choose from. One of the most popular and useful additions is polyurethane coating, which is bonded around the center metal wheel. polyurethane wheels are very useful because they reduce noise while protecting the floor surface. Polyurethane coating adds a softer layer to the wheel, which absorbs much of the shock that comes with use and minimizes noisy vibrations. The softer material is also gentler on the floor, serving as a buffer between the caster and the floor while lessening the potential for damage. Polyurethane is an ideal wheel coating because it is relatively tough to tear or strain. In addition, polyurethane wheels come in varying degrees of hardness, which means there are a wide variety of wheels available to choose from. The use of polyurethane wheels in industrial settings has led to increased workplace safety and lowered capital costs.