5 Ways to Ensure You Get Outside More

In this digital era of the 21st century, many people are not spending enough time outside. While the addition of technology isn’t a bad one and has vastly improved the way many people live, no one can deny that being inside all of the time is damaging for the health. By putting the effort into getting more fresh air, though, that damage can be reversed.

Whether you have a remote job that doesn’t require you to leave your front door or your evenings are mainly spent in front of Netflix, here are five ways to ensure you get outside more.

1: Build a Beautiful Garden

Getting outside more doesn’t always mean walking for an hour straight or traveling to a nearby beauty spot. In fact, allowing yourself an easier way to access the outdoors means you’re more likely to actually go outside. Building a beautiful garden is a great way to inspire you to breathe in the fresh air without having to travel far. You could look at getting a water feature with Water-garden.co.uk, or you could pursue a gardening hobby by growing your own fruit, herbs, and vegetables.

2: Start an Outdoorsy Hobby

Many hobbies are easy to pursue inside. You can play video games in your living room, snowboard at an indoor snow park, and meet up for your monthly book club meeting in the local café. There’s something incredibly refreshing about pursuing a hobby that takes place entirely outdoors, though. Not only will it keep you busy, but it’ll also ensure you get outdoors regularly. There are plenty of outdoor hobbies to choose from, so whether you’re interested in sport, plants, wildlife, or walking, there’s something for you.

3: Discover Nearby Nature Spots

You don’t always know what is out there until you go outside and find it, especially when it comes to hidden beauty spots. Even the busiest cities have nature spaces that’ll help you get back to your natural roots. Once you have discovered some nearby beauty spots, you will be inspired to get out there and experience them time and time again.

4: Get a Dog

Wanting to get outside more should not be the sole reason for getting a dog, but if you have been contemplating getting one for a while, it’s another reason to go for it. Most dogs require lots of exercise, which means you, as the owner, will be taking your furry friend on lots of walks to parks and trails. Just remember that dogs require much more care than just exercise – you will be their life-long friend, so don’t rush into a puppy purchase before you are ready.

5: Walk or Cycle to Work

An easy way to incorporate fresh air into your daily routine is to walk or cycle to work. It might add some time to your journey, but you will benefit from the exercise, vitamin D, and the money saved on petrol!  If you work from home, consider going on a short walk before you sit down at your desk to start the day.