Benefits of Outsourcing Data Backup and Recovery

The process of data backup and recovery by today’s businesses generally seems like a straightforward principle to implement. However, as many as 45 percent of businesses will say that they don’t have the security budget for adequate measures, especially in light of the evolving remote workforce. 

Still, with ransomware and malware attacks on the rise across the world, it is important to have a data backup and recovery protocol to minimize losses. When data is lost, so is business. Today’s business can’t always handle that internally. Understand the key benefits of outsourcing your data backup and recovery plant here.

Minimizes Internal Risk

A 2021 Varonis Risk Report suggests that the average employee today has access to as many as 11 million files. Employees make mistakes. Sometimes employees handle data and access to data poorly, with intent. That is a significant risk to an organization, and it is true that some businesses could fail from that loss alone. 

Not every internal risk is intentional. Still, the loss is just the same. Data backup and recovery protocols that employees don’t know about minimize both of these types of losses. Backup protocols that employees do know about will also minimize risks in the way of deterring both intentional error and mishaps such as inadvertently deleted files or records.

When you are managing your data and backup plan on your own, your internal risks aren’t as minimized as they would be if the protocol was outsourced. An objective third party on this task will greatly minimize any potential obstacles created when an employee has too much access to your business’s private data.

Reduces Malware Chaos

When malware arrives, so does chaos. A data backup and recovery plan reduces that chaos. It is a tragedy for any business to undergo data losses and the costs risks associate with that.

Having a backup plan that is outsourced is effective in reducing the chaos caused by a malware problem from an external threat. At the same time, you have your data located externally as well, which will minimize recovery costs when disaster strikes.

Decreases Downtime

There are several losses to a business when ransomware or malware attacks hit. In addition to the costs of data loss, downtime is significant. Time is money for a business, and it’s even costlier when the downtime is caused by a cyberthreat or cyber crime. 

Outsourcing your data backup and recovery will decrease a significant portion of your downtime and reduce your costs to some extent.

Outsource Your Data Backup and Recovery

When you are thinking about disaster response to malware and ransomware attacks, you want to be thinking about the most cost-effective way to minimize risks and secure your existing data. An outsourced team will cost you less than the time and resources it will take to recover the data and downtime with your team. Outsource your data backup and recovery today for more managed solutions that will give you some peace of mind.