Finding the Right Name for Your Site

You have everything about your new business venture planned down to the font on your business cards. But when it comes to your website, are you ready to choose the name where your site will live? You may think that this is an easy part of building your site and your business, but it can get tricky, especially if the name you choose isn’t available. Here are some tips on getting a great name for your website so you can create a bigger, better brand.

Brainstorm for Names
A brand can be known by many things, from its name to what core values it stands for. When naming your brand’s website, it is important to think of a number of names that will satisfy your needs. If you only have one name and it’s already taken when you go to buy your domain, even the best domain name hosting sites will give you alternatives. These alternatives may or may not be what you are looking for, so it is important to have a few of your own backups. These can be different words, names or domain extensions.

Make it Memorable
Your website and all of your marketing does no goo for people if they cannot find your website. A memorable name will help. Memorable can be how well it relates to your brand or if your company is known for humor, it can be a funny twist of phrase. However, memorable shouldn’t be long. The longer your website address is, the less likely your visitors will end up on your website. Misspellings and misplaced punctuation can cause errors.

Memorable will also mean that you should take the time to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Don’t try to make your domain name similar to anyone else, otherwise your traffic may end up at your competitor’s website.

While many young entrepreneurs think that picking the domain name is the easiest task in setting up a website, it can be more important than you think. It is essential to take your time and really figure out what your domain name should be so that you can get all you can out of your company’s online home.