Freelancers: Safeguarding your digital tools and performance

There are many careers today, notably when working on a freelance basis, which have a heavy reliance on technology. Media, design and even something as simple as writing all depend on digital software. Even when a role does not require digital software, the need for websites and online interaction in this ‘digital era’ means that, whatever your trade, even the most independent of us are reliant on technology.

To this end, it helps to have various ways to protect these assets and tools. After all, these form your ability to be productive and earn a living.


Regardless of which industry you work in, there is a piece of software that is crucial, and in some careers there can be more than one. A media worker is nothing without the right media tools, while designers rely on CADCAM for all their work. In any such case, it is impossible to work without them.

Since freelance and independent workers don’t have companies or employers to provide their software, some extra protection is needed to ensure you always have support. In these cases, escrow can be used to protect these assets. Software escrow puts the source code into holding, further encouraging the provider to provide and guarantee a working product. In other words, it gives the company behind the software an additional reason to do their duty and for the writer, it acts as a layer of insurance and protection.


Similarly, the internet is a great tool for advertisement and awareness, providing an invaluable way to reach out to people across the globe. Yet, as mentioned previously, freelance workers don’t have wider support to maintain and keep their website up-to-date. Without a sophisticated IT team in your office, how can you keep track of your website?

Simply put, web load testing services can ensure the most crucial aspects – that your website is accessible, loads quickly and gives customers fast and easy access to information. If there are problems, this web load testing will help flag up issues.


Software escrow and web load testing are two great ways to give yourself peace of mind as you work – especially freelancers who tend to operate without the support of a larger firm. Software and websites are big investments, so these additional features provide a continual way to maintain and protect them. Website monitoring allows you to track performance, while escrow ensures the tools you use are always ready to work when you need them to.