When Trolley Tokens Come in Handy

I still remember how it was to work for one of the largest corporations in the country I had a pleasure of working for several years ago. My salary aside, each one of us received a small gift from time to time in the form of trolley tokens. This nice gesture proved to come in handy on several occasions and in this post I will try to highlight some of the best places to use a trolley token.

One of the main reasons trolley tokens exist is to make things easier for us shoppers. I don’t know how many times I have tried to find a 1£ coin in my wallet but to no avail while standing in the rain in the car park. It was so embarrassing and such a total waste of time. I also cannot count the times when I needed a 1£ coin only to discover that I had none in my possession. What a disappointment it was! After all, I do use my debit card to pay for my groceries, so it is no wonder that I rarely have any coins in my wallet.

Supermarkets are not the only places where one can use trolley tokens. I had a pleasure of using my tokens in one of the local swimming pools for example. There were a couple of other places all around the country where I have seen lockers that allowed the patrons to use trolley tokens. I guess many places appreciate the convenience they offer.

Lastly, I want you to know that trolley tokens are a great way to promote a business. It is basically free advertising.