Growth in the Print Media World

Today the print media industry is not seeing much growth.  With more and more items such as newspapers, magazines, and individual marketing taking to the electric format, printers and print media is seeing a drastic decline is use.  However, there is one area that where printers are seeing growth in their industry and that is through wide-format printing.

Wide-format printing is printing that is done with various different methods of printing such as inkjet, thermal, or laser printing and is up to 8 feet (2.5 meters).  Though wide-format printing will not replace the current printing demands but can help diversify a printing company’s different services to make it more successful.  Those who will benefit from wide-format printing the most are advertisers.

How can advertisers benefit from wide-format printing?

  • Printing one off productsOne of the specialties of some wide-format printers is that they are able to print on a variety of different surfaces (or ‘substrates’ as it is called in the printing world), just a few examples the surfaces it can print on are paper, flexible plastics, glass, wood, canvas, vinyl, textiles, and thick plastics.  With the different surfaces at an advertiser’s fingertips they are able to build a campaign that is the best fit for the business that they are working with and match needs to the target audience.
  • Printing vehicle wrapsMore small businesses are starting and growing every day.  Advertisers are able to design vehicle wraps to help promote a new business and have them printed with the wide-format printer.  This quick process could help motivate a specific advertising campaign or assist in a logo re-design turnover.
  • Printing outdoor signageAs stated before a wide-format printer is able to produce one off products, this could include signage for a special event that needs to have the date and time listed on the sign making it difficult to reuse the sign or even print sections of a billboard design.More advertising is being done on billboards and signs that are backlit.  Some wide-format printers are able to print in white which is extremely important when you are trying to post advertising on a backlit sign, without the write printing the uncovered bright light shows through making anyone who attempts to look at it see spots.
    Since one of the mediums that wide-format printing can print on is hard plastic, it makes updating business outdoor signage easy and more cost effective.  With signs that look new or well-kept, it makes any business seem polished and more attractive to consumers.
  • Printing banners both outdoor and indoorPart of any company’s growth is to hold special events or advertising campaigns.  Banners can be effective when trying to grab that attention of someone passing by on the street or it could be used to bare just the company logo that way the outdoor banner could be used multiple times in events such as parades or marketing tables.  A wide-format printer is able to print on vinyl and flexible plastics so you have feel comfortable leaving the banners hung outside and not waste your investment.