What to Do When Your Furnace Stops Working

When the weather outside drops to freezing or below freezing and the snow starts falling, you may find that you just want to get home and to the comfort of your warm living room or bedroom. If you come home and find that your furnace no longer works, you shouldn’t panic. There are a number of smaller problems that repairmen can help you fix. With just one appointment, your home will reach a warmer temperature again. Whether you need a new furnace or just a repair, technicians can help you get back on track again.

What are Some Signs of Furnace Failure?

Many homeowners do not realize that there are some common signs that a furnace might fail long before it actually does. The most common of those signs are strange or unusual noises coming from the furnace. Some hear a soft knocking sound, while others hear louder banging noises that actually sound like the furnace might explode. You may also find that it stops reacting or responding to your thermostat. If you keep adjusting the thermostat and still don’t get the heat you need, it’s time to call for some professional help.

Repair vs. Replace

When you call for help, the first thing the technician will do is inspect the furnace and your home’s heating system. This lets the repairman determine whether you need an entirely new furnace or if there are some repairs that can get your current model up and running again. If you need some repairs, the technician may go back to the shop to get the replacement parts you need or order new parts based on the type and manufacturer of the model you have. Most companies will give you an estimate as to the repair cost or talk with you about the prices and benefits of newer models.

Making Emergency Calls

If you wake in the middle of the night to a low temperature in your house, don’t assume that you need to wait until the morning to get help. With 24 hour heating repair in Cambridge, you can get the professional help that you need anytime of the night or day. Local companies have representatives that can take your call and contact technicians who come right to your house. A new furnace or a few replacement parts can make your home comfortable again and help you beat the winter chill.