How To Drive More Mobile Traffic To Your Site

As consumer behavior continues to shift towards using mobile apps to find the businesses they need, Mobile SEO continues to become more accommodating towards mobile shoppers. Mobile web traffic is on the rise with an equal increase in mobile search. For online marketers, that means gearing your websites towards mobile users and using SEO to bring more visitors to your website. Although many companies are focusing on creating mobile apps that are user friendly and appropriately designed to accommodate mobile shoppers, too many are losing sight of the continuing importance of search engine optimization. These tips will help you improve the search engine optimization on your site.

• Understand the differences in customer behavior between those who do their searches on their computers and mobile searchers. Research has shown that mobile searchers want to find what they are looking for quickly and easily, without a lot of unnecessary text, and the want to purchase it within a short period of time. Local shoppers like to find what they are looking for with their phones and get to the location where it is located for a fast purchase. Online marketers can accommodate them with an app that is made specifically for the mobile phone’s smaller screen and don’t clutter the site with any information that isn’t necessary.

• Create quality content that promotes your company and your products, offer viewers in-depth and valuable information along with promotions and special deals that they will appreciate while using keywords where they fit in casually. SEO still has a special place in content in spite of the focus on quality content. The key to success is using them together seamlessly.

• Use buttons that allow them to share your content with their friends and family. People who use their mobile devices to search for businesses are also very social. Make it easy for them to get your name and products out there.

• Be aware of the limitations of the mobile device while also taking advantage of its features. One of the greatest limitations is the smaller screen. They also present a greater challenge to type on. Search engines are more likely to prioritize sites that are formatted for mobile users over those that are not. Advantages include SMS, GPS systems, voice and camera capabilities.

• Speed matters. When a viewer goes to your site, they are going to wait for a long time for your page to load before they give up and go on to the next one. This goes back to the differences in consumer behavior differences in those using mobile devices to search. Enhancing mobile friendly sites with SEO will help them get the results they want on demand.

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Although SEO is no longer the only consideration when building a site that will attract consumers, it is still an important part of your marketing efforts. Regardless of the means that the consumer uses to search, they still have to be able to find what they are looking for before they can buy it.