Retention with Tech

A company that does not retain a percentage of its customers cannot make it in today’s high-tech world. When you are looking for new ways to improve customer retention, you may want to start with what devices your customers are using and how you can utilize tech in your next marketing campaign.

Retention of your customers has a lot to do with keeping your brand and your products in the front of their minds. To do that today, you have to be fast, accessible and have a n online presence that customers want to interact with. The easiest way to do this is to have a website with a cool responsive design that lets them view it from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Creating an app that features your business is also a great way to get customers coming back for more. Through the app they can buy your product, visit your site, access your social media accounts or get the customer service they need.

Once you have done that, the next step to retention is to meet your customers where they hang out online. With social media, you can reach your loyal customers and provide them with incentives for engaging your brand. This can range of product discounts to free products or contest entries. On social media you will also need to think about the balance of your messages between giving customers information they want without getting too promotional in everything you post. The more engaged your customer becomes with your social media account, the more likely they are to turn into one of your most loyal customers.

Customer retention is not guaranteed with these high-tech options, but utilizing these tools in a significant way can help boost the numbers you are already getting from your traditional customer retention strategies. A mix of high tech and low tech will be the recipe for higher retention numbers as well as new customer acquisition.