How to Hire a House Cleaning Service

In today’s hectic world, keeping your house clean always seems to take a back seat to more pressing tasks. However, proper housekeeping isn’t just about having a clean home for when people come over. It’s also about keeping your family healthy. The good news is that housekeeping services are more affordable than ever before and hiring one can make all the difference. Here are some basic guidelines for hiring a house cleaning service that will provide the services you need .

Get a Referral
One of the easiest ways to get the name of a reputable cleaning service is to ask the people you know who they use. Housekeeping is an industry that gets most of its business through word of mouth advertising. Odds are, if someone is happy with the service they are getting, they will let you know about it. They’ll also let you know if there have been any problems. And, since there are no financial rewards, you can usually take the referral at face value.

Get Quotes
If you don’t have the benefit of knowing someone that uses a cleaning service, then you’re on your own. One of the best ways to find a quality service is to do your homework. First, conduct a local search for house cleaning services in your area. You can do this on the Internet, but this will only land you the larger, more established companies, which usually cost more. Look on local bulletin boards, in the phonebook and anywhere else people can advertise their services. Make a list and then begin to get quotes. You won’t be making your choice purely on price alone, but you will need to make sure that you can afford the services of the provider you do choose.

Next, discard the names of the providers that you can’t afford and begin running searches on those that are still on the list. The biggest hurdle when it comes to finding a housekeeping service is to find one you can trust. While you won’t find consumer reviews and other things on every company you have on your list, especially small ones, you can easily whittle away your list by removing those you do find negative information about.
Check Them Out

Lastly, after you have your final list, begin requesting additional information from them. You’ll want a list of references that you can all, a copy of their liability insurance. You should always follow through on checking references and insurance validity, even if the service recommended by a trusted source. Never hire a house cleaner that doesn’t carry liability insurance. It’s an inexpensive policy and protects you in the event something is damaged during cleaning. If a service on your list doesn’t have or doesn’t want to provide proof of insurance, cross them off the list and move on to the next name.

Hiring a maid service doesn’t have to be difficult. It simply requires you to do a little due diligence and to trust your gut instincts. And once you have a good cleaning service in place, your daily routine becomes much easier.