How to Keep Your Family Organized While Working From Home

Are you struggling to work from home and keep your family organized?

If yes, you are far from alone.

Although the famous saying promises that you can “have it all,” the reality is somewhat different. Especially when you are attempting to meet a deadline, make three different breakfasts and put on yet another load of never-ending laundry.

If this sounds all too familiar, then you are more than ready to find out how you can keep your family running as it should while working (successfully) from home. Keep reading to discover how you can boss it as a mom and a career woman.

Set specific working hours

If you tend to fit in work whenever you can while you juggle a million and one other tasks, you should know that this is not the most productive way to work. Firstly, you will always be somewhat distracted from the task at hand, and secondly, you will never quite feel like your working day is done.

Instead, set rigid office hours when you intend to work and share this information with your spouse or partner so that they can support you during these times.

Download a planner

One of the most challenging aspects of working from home when you have a family is remembering everything you have to do on any given day. From work deadlines to afterschool activities to health appointments, if you don’t have a calendar planner, these can all be easily forgotten.

As your little ones grow, you may find that your responsibilities and priorities in your day change and increase, which makes needing a planner even more important. For instance, when your baby starts showing their first teeth, you will need to schedule them an appointment at Biltmore Avenue Family Dentistry practice as soon as you can. You will then need to ensure they attend these appointments every six months after this point. A planner can ensure you can easily keep track of when these appointments need to be.

There are many free online calendar planners to choose from, or, if you prefer a more tangible system, you can find planners that hang on the wall.

Embrace list-making of priorities

If you have a lot on your plate, lists should be your new best friend. However, rather than make an endless list that can make you feel overwhelmed and demotivated, try making a list every day that contains 3-4 essential tasks that you need to complete on that particular day and write these out in priority order. For example, health care appointments for all family members should be a top priority compared to organizing your fridge.

Learn to say no

The power of saying no should never be underestimated, yet women tend to struggle to say this one little word. If you are a yes mom, now is the time to start saying no to certain requests.

Simply by saying no more often, you will feel less overwhelmed and more able to tackle the day ahead. Plus, it can be good for both your partner and your kids to take on a more active role in the home and help you out when needed.

Separate workspace from family space

If you want to ensure maximum productivity, both in your working and home life, you need to make sure that you have separate spaces for each component. Dedicate one area of your home to work and make it clear to your family that this is your office space.

When you have finished your working day, you can then leave this area and disconnect yourself from work, leaving you more focused on your family.