Understanding the Value of FinTech for Tomorrow’s Generations

There was a time when data collection meant reading the morning newspaper and watching the evening news. Today, that daily practice that felt so in tune is about as modern as caveman paintings on a rock wall. Data distribution is all around us today, and for Millennials and younger generations, data has been surrounding life from birth forward. Instead of wondering what the daily delivery would be, today’s generations wonder what it might have been like to live without immediate and easy access to data. 

Can’t Win If You Don’t Buy a Ticket

However, while data science and data management offer huge opportunities, the field is only available to those who connect to it electronically. That can be a bit of a challenge when one is off the typical digital grid, such as what’s available in the big cities. Instead, things are a bit more separated out on the U.S. Virgin Islands. However, the beauty of data science online is that electronically one can be anywhere, even if sitting on an island physically in the Caribbean. And that makes for an extremely creative mix of factors and dynamics off the beaten path. 

Data Science is an Open Gateway of Equity

Unlike the traditional career world, where networks, placement, and rearing mean so much for one’s path in society, online data science offers a future for young generations from anywhere. It’s skill-based, tech-based, and open ground for anyone who wants to carve a name for themselves. In a sense, the world is just on the cusp of an exponential data explosion, and for young people, it’s a bit like the Oklahoma land rush; one just has to get out their stake a claim.

A Huge Opportunity is Waiting

One of the new areas of data science is fintech, the advancement of marrying finance and technology, most visibly seen right now in blockchain development. The possibilities of fintech are endless and just at the first level of possibility right now. And the demand for the services as well as the skill of understanding how to support fintech is red hot as well. For today’s generations as well as those of tomorrow, data science is the bread and butter for this industry. Those who can adapt, learn, work and grow in the field have a future made for them. Whether they are located on the U.S. Virgin Islands or in the middle of New York City. Again, the digital world doesn’t concern itself with a physical location; connection, speed, and technology capability are what allow fintech to happen. 

Local Startups Make Huge Differences

On the islands, startups like Cane Bay Partners are already pushing forward into early starting points for fintech. The key skills common in every such operation are focused on creative builds, problem-solving, and flexibility when ad hoc thinking is needed most. The world is no longer as big as it seemed to be only a few decades ago. Data that used to come once a day with a newspaper is now at our fingertips in seconds. Fintech is our new frontier, and for today’s youth, it’s their practical future.