Lucrative Industry Being Shaken Up as Voice Over Auditions and Castings Shift Online

New York- NY

September 18th 2014

The small but rewarding voice over industry is where celebrities are heading to earn a hefty pay-packet. One website is leading the charge as more voice over jobs move online is The Voice Realm, which this week launched a new service to help clients secure celebrity talent.

Leading voice over artists website, The Voice Realm, now offers clients the opportunity for clients to hire celebrity voice talent for their brands and business. For anything from TV commercials to business phone greetings.

Motion picture studios have caught on in the past decade to utilizing celebrities to voice characters in animated movies and animations. The big names draw huge box office numbers. A well-known name like Will Smith or Miley Cyrus can earn a pretty pay packet for a few weeks week in an air conditioned studio recording pre-scripted lines that will be set to pictures.

Marketing Manager Robert James says that this is another value added service that the site is bringing to the online casting sphere. “We have many clients that are growing their business and want to take their marketing and media to the next level, and that entails the usage of celebrity talent. We negotiate with their chosen celebrity’s agent and find a great rate for both parties.”

The new ‘celebrity voice talent’ feature was launched in Los Angeles on Wednesday and promises to bring star power within reach of small to medium sized business, as the service not only handles Hollywood celebrities, but regional celebrity talent from Television, sport and media.

The voice casting portal also represents around 1,000 professional voice actors from all corners of the planet. Offering clients a growing list of languages, accents, and dialects.

Voice actors who are represented by the site have nothing but admiration. Ross Huguet from Vancouver has booked many jobs through the site. “I started using The Voice Realm approximately two years ago.  The website has brought me a reliable, steady stream of audition opportunities which has resulted in my fair share of voice jobs.  The site is easy to use both in the audition process and the actual job completion process. I can count on a consistent number of audition opportunities knowing that some will eventually generate jobs.  I consider the site to be a healthy daily staple of auditions. All part of a healthy voice over career”

Respected voice talent Mitch Phillips from Florida also finds the site valuable.  “I’ve booked quite a few jobs without auditioning –  on the basis of my demos, track record and visibility on the site. Who can complain about that!”

These professional and skilled voice actors have booked over one million dollars’ worth of voice over jobs in just one year, as the site carries on its mission of providing more paid jobs rather than endless auditions for low budget work.

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