That Very Special Day

A few weeks ago I received an invitation for the wedding of an old friend of mine. Even though she is already in her late thirties, she found somebody to marry her slightly older than her. Good for her. I had been rooting for her and I am glad that she is a happier person right now.

The wedding is going to take place in January. Emma called me a few days ago to ask about any idea where she could get some unique wedding dresses. She sounded a little impatient and disappointed with the fact that she hasn’t had any luck so far finding a place to buy a wedding dress. I tried to recommend somebody to her, but since I am not so experienced with wedding dresses myself, I do not know how good my advice was.

The thing with wedding dresses is that there are so many things to consider here. My friend sounded desperate on the phone. She explained to me that she had a hard time choosing something for her wedding as not every wedding dress she tried was high quality. Since she has a good job and money is not that much of a problem she can afford to pay any price. Of course, she doesn’t want to pay more than she absolutely has to and I completely agree with her approach. Why would she have to pay more if she can pay less for her dream wedding dress?

It is true that choosing that perfect wedding dress takes a lot of time. After all, most women have been dreaming about their wedding days since they were young girls. When this day finally arrives, it is no wonder that most women are very particular about what they want especially since most of them have something very specific in mind.

One of the best word of advice is to get somebody to help you choose your wedding dress. Ideally, it will be your future husband, but it can be a close female friend as well if you know that you can count on her assistance. Hunting for wedding dresses shouldn’t be done alone but with the help of somebody you can trust especially if your friend has a similar taste to yours. Make sure that she has a similar vision when it comes to your perfect Millybridal wedding dress and everything is going to be just fine.