How to Make Sure Your Pool Complies With Regulations

If you currently are – or soon will be – a pool owner, you likely have many questions regarding pool fence regulations on the Sunshine Coast, as well as what type of ongoing pool inspections are required to ensure your pool meets requirements. Having a pool is a wonderful experience for any homeowner, but it’s also a great responsibility. Yet you don’t have to take on this responsibility alone. Here are some tips to help you make sure your pool complies with all the necessary regulations set forth by the law.

  1. Work through a checklist. There may seem to be a lot of requirements to comply with when ensuring that your pool and pool fencing fall under set regulations. However, breaking up these requirements into a checklist is a user-friendly way to digest this information, and ensure that you meet each component. There are some companies throughout Sunshine Coast that provide you a checklist to ensure that your pool and fence meet regulations.
  2. Work with a reputable and fair inspector. In order to earn your Pool Safety Certificate, you need a Pool Safety Inspection. There are many options for you to choose from, but you want an inspector who is thorough, so that you don’t get penalized further down the road. Companies that provide pool inspections in Brisbane should, ideally, give you the opportunity to correct minor fixes (such as moving pot plants or tables, or trimming branches, while they’re still there, so that you can pass your inspection on the first go around. If, however, your corrections require more work, your inspector should provide a detail breakdown (with photos) of what’s required, so that you’re not left scratching your head in confusion.
  3. Make sure your pool is compliant, no matter what. Legally speaking you don’t need to have a Pool Safety Certificate by Nov. 30, 2015, if you’re not selling or leasing. However, following this date council may inspect your pool for compliancy. It’s best if you receive a Pool Safety Certificate to show compliancy, even though it’s not a government requirement.

There is still, to this day, much confusion about what’s required or not when it comes to pool regulations. Rather than sift through the literature on your own, it’s best to turn toward a professional who can help you ensure complete compliancy. In Brisbane, people turn to The Big Tick for pool inspections and more. See what they have to offer by visiting