The Document Shredding Facts You Need to Know

Here are some facts you should know if you’re considering a document shredding service. Cost and privacy protection are just two crucial factors to keep in mind. You’ll also learn how to find a reliable and efficient company to handle your shredding needs.

Compared to Internal Shredding, Outsourcing is More Effective And Dependable

A document shredding service is a valuable and affordable solution whether you need to get rid of confidential documents or are looking for a way to organize your paper storage and shredding processes. Outsourced shredding providers use automated and traditional technologies to help businesses meet document destruction needs.

Whether you are an office worker or business owner, it is essential to safeguard the information you hold. The right document shredding company can ensure you comply with privacy regulations.

An excellent outsourced document shredding service boston can ensure that your company meets FACTA requirements. This is a law enacted by the United States government that regulates private data. Keeping up with these regulations can take time and effort. If you do not, you could face hefty fines.

On-Site Vs. Off-Site

When choosing between on-site vs. off-site document shredding, you may wonder which is best for your business. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of both options requires considering what each strategy offers and how it can help your organization.

On-site shredding is the most secure option. It eliminates the risks of transporting documents to a facility. Also, on-site shredding allows the client to observe the process. This makes on-site shredding the ideal choice for industries that require eyewitness destruction.

Off-site shredding is slightly less secure but also offers the benefit of saving time and money. This is an excellent option for organizations that need to continually destroy sensitive documents.

A secure collection container can be dropped off at a designated location, and the paper records are picked up and moved to the shredding truck. The documents are shredded with an industrial-grade shredder. They have then baled into un reconstructable particles.

Privacy Protection

Document shredding is essential for several reasons. It can protect your company from various risks, including fraud, data breaches, and identity theft. And it can help you comply with privacy laws.

Every business has confidential information. This includes personal data and corporate information, such as financial and legal documents, executive communication, IT, and health care documentation.

As such, a company is responsible for protecting and preserving its own and its clients’ privacy. The United States has a variety of federal and state laws on this topic. These laws protect customers’ privacy, promote trust in the marketplace, and protect vendors’ interests.

A business must be able to prove it is adhering to these laws. If it does not, it could face a variety of penalties.

General Data Protection Regulation

The GDPR is an update to the previous Data Protection Act 1998 and came into force on 25th May 2018. GDPR introduces several new rights for consumers and organizations. These include the right to be forgotten and the right to portability.

Regarding data protection, the GDPR takes a comprehensive look at how personal identification information is handled. Specifically, the regulation will require businesses to take more measures to secure data and report breaches promptly. This includes the need to destroy paper-based information securely when it is no longer needed.

Businesses should ensure their document shredding policy is reliable to fully comply with the GDPR. Around 40% of non-compliance is estimated to be attributed to paper-based practices.


Numerous options are available for document destruction services. The price will depend on the type of service and the number of papers that need to be shredded, from a one-time cleanup to weekly pickup.

Choosing the right company can help you secure your information. However, the process can be challenging. Knowing what you are getting into before signing a contract is essential.

Whether you’re in the process of setting up a new office or removing confidential documents from your home, you’ll want to find a service that offers secure, reliable and cost-effective options. 

One of the most critical factors affecting your shredding project’s cost is the shredder’s location. If you live in a remote area, looking for companies that offer a mobile option is a good idea. This helps to reduce the project’s overall cost because you won’t have to travel far to shred your documents.