The Garage Isn’t Just the Man’s Domain

It’s a commonly held belief that the garage is the “man’s territory”, but what if you’re a single mom or just like to fix things and get your hands dirty? Women have just as much interest in using the garage as men do. Many women are handy with tools or have a knack for auto repair and feel quite comfortable in the fix-it arena. Other women may find themselves learning to do some of the traditional “manly work” out of necessity. No matter why they’re out there, women will love all the new accessories and fixtures available for organizing a garage space. They can customize their environment to meet their hobby or do-it-yourself repair needs. No matter what women are using the garage space for, there are tons of options for organizing the area and sprucing it up.

Cabinets and Organizing Systems

Products like Ulti-MATE garage systems are great for providing custom-like cabinet storage space without the custom price. They’re sturdy and tough, and the systems can be purchased as sets or individually to mix and match in a way that meets your unique needs. There are various choices from the basic version to more high-end options, so you can even choose the look and type of system, based on your preferences and your use of the space. These organizational tools are perfect for storing repair tools, woodworking items or even gardening supplies. The choices are practically limitless.

Garage Flooring

Plain old cement flooring is cold, unappealing and can even be a safety hazard. That’s why it’s nice to have the option of customizing your garage flooring in a way that makes sense for you. RaceDeck floor tiles allow you to get creative with color and pattern in your space and can be lots of fun for women who want a personalized look. A more durable floor choice would be Gladiator Floor Tile for those who are a bit tougher on their garages.

Wall Accessories

A good choice for finishing off the small details of a garage are wall accessories. These are fixtures for holding the smaller items found in most work areas such as cleaning supplies, potting soil, nuts, bolts, nails, hoses, etc. Choose from hooks, baskets and shelves to complete your custom garage area.

So, ladies, don’t let anyone tell you the garage is a man’s world. Check out all the options at Garage Appeal for creating your perfect space.