What is Blank Check Stock?

Many businesses, both large and small have turned to printing their own checks. It is a convenience that can save both time and money, but some careful consideration of the options should take place before you purchase the blank check stock. After all, it is possible that having blank check stock on hand could result in security issues, depending on the circumstances at your company.

As a result of those possible security problems, there are a variety of options available. In fact, Troy Group, who supplies check paper for many businesses offers several options with high security to meet the needs of today’s business environment (Source: http://www.troygroup.com/products/paper_supplies/index.aspx)

One of the most important considerations for purchasing check stock is if it is going to be pre-printed or if it will be blank. Anytime you have your checking account information printed on the stock in advance, there is a risk for fraud. If you are a small business and do not have multiple employees that will have access to the paper, you may feel that the risks are minimal.

Additional security features are also available, depending on your needs. Watermarking is a common choice for security on checks and a variety of other official documents. It provides a visible feature that is lightly printed to the background of the document. When the check is presented, the watermark can be verified to ensure it is an official document.

Micro-printing is another option that can help to secure the blank stock. It appears as a small line of text to the naked eye, which is difficult to read but under low-power magnification, it is easy to discern. (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microprinting).

Additional security features are also available to help keep the blank checks safe. It is important to research these features and to choose them, according to your needs. Some of the additional features can include Thermochromatic ink, non-negotiable stub backer and invisible florescent fibers.

As we continue to deal with security issues, both inside and outside of our companies, the need for more secure features becomes evident. When you make the right choice for secure check stock, it can help to reduce the possibility of fraud considerably.